$68.99. The chamber tops and bottoms are crowned in black acrylic while other parts are made of clear acrylic. Using lots of granules will make it difficult to distribute an even flow rate through the whole thing. Add To Cart. Reactions typically occur on the surface, so more surface area means more room for reactions, which in turn means more capacity for filtration. Removing the four sponges in the inner chambers is sometimes quite a struggle, though you can quickly solve this by using slender tongs. Hence, here is what to consider when choosing a media reactor for your saltwater tank: The best media reactors are made of sturdy long-lasting materials like special plastic or acrylic that can withstand the corrosive nature of saltwater. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This is a unique feature with the Accel Aquatics Filter Media Reactor as it allows for using a very weak pump. It’s worth noting that this reactor will not do well with activated carbon granules, because the flow accelerator may turn out a little bit too strong. Removing their source of nutrients will consequently exterminate their colonies. A reactor with a reliable pump, built of high-quality parts, is also priced higher. Due to its small, compact size, it does not take up much space so it suits smaller nano tanks (it’s a mere 2″ x 2.3″ x 11.75″). The chamber’s diameter is 3.2 inches, which makes it ideal for hanging it onto a nano reef tank or positioning in the sump of a larger aquarium. They value their customers, at least from my experience. You can easily attach the reactor on the side of your tank because it has downward suction cups. One of the more common questions is related to how effective will the reactor unit be in removing phosphate? Think of GFO as a magnet for phosphates and silicates and some other metals. I recommend that you get the AquaMaxx media reactor if you’re having problems with excess phosphate or other inorganic pollutants in a small to medium-sized aquariums of up to 100 gallons. FR-SE. That being said, the ideal flow rate for a pump that’s running for a GFO reactor is between 120 and 150 gallons per hour. Having the best price tag for aquariums on a budget made me list this GFO reactor first. These qualities make it a really good choice for nutrient-heavy aquariums such as LPS coral reef tanks or highly stocked cichlid tanks. cTech Calcium Reactor. The filter floss will keep things in place, and since the carbon is placed to the top of the canister where the lid is, you can change it easily without having to remove the GFO along the way. Merchants/Retailers For me, when it comes to aquarium equipment that’s on the cheaper end, such as GFO media reactors, I’ll always go for quality over price. Kolar Labs GFO Bayoxide E33 Phosphate Remover Omega Series. With this reactor’s design, only a small pump is required to combine efforts with its built-in special eductor. The minimax all-in-one media reactor is a novel approach to optimize chemical and biological filtration for nano & Mini marine aquariums. Sale. Cloudy Aquarium Water: Why it Happens and How to Clear it? Designed For: Innovative Marine Nano 16 Aquariums Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 10Aquariums…, …Carbon, GFO, and more Built-in Flow Control Hand Crafted Easy Setup Small Foot Print Specifications: Dimensions - 4.95" L x 3.15" W x 13.7" H Capacity - 250mL (biopellets) Pump Size - 103 GPH Quiet One 400 Wattage - 3.5W @ 120VAC What's Included? $78.99. You can hang this unit over rims as large as one inch as per its advertisement. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and proclaim this as the absolute best GFO product on the market. During this time he has made MANY mistakes and thus learned A LOT. Aquarium Reactor Media Granular Ferrous Oxide (GFO) As mentioned earlier, Granular Ferrous Oxide, or GFO, is a popular aquarium reactor medium because it is so effective at pulling phosphates out of the water column. You can easily rotate them to a suitable position during the installation. If you have a saltwater aquarium that’s bigger than that, you will have to use more than one PhosBan Media Reactor to make up for the larger quantities of circulating water. It is made from high-quality material so it can stand the test of time if used properly. ... Sicce Carbon, GFO Reactor with Multi 800 Pump. Necessary Equipment For Proper Funtctioning, The Best Reactors for GFO & Carbon Media –, Two Little Fishies Phosban Filter Media Reactor, Reef Octopus Beginner Media Filter 4 Inch Chamber w/pump, AquaMaxx Fr-se Hang-on Filter Media Reactor, Accel Aquatics Biopellet and Filter Media Reactor – Fr-30, Innovative Marine Minimax Pro Series Media Reactor – Desktop. I first used it years back when I was just starting out. $39.99. Its controllable flow rate makes it the perfect nano media reactor for your nano reef tank. It’s not enough to realize you finally need a GFO or carbon media reactor. Aquanswers.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates and other affiliate advertising programs, designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com or other websites of the like. While some media reactor kits come complete with all the necessary fittings, others are rather incomplete and would require the purchase of additional tubing and whatnot. Aquaforest Carbon 1000 ml. You are now in a better position to decide which product would suit your carbon or Granular Ferric Oxide of choice for freeing your aquarium of algae. As a multi-purpose reactor, you can use it not only for phosphate removal with granules of Ferric Oxide but also with activated carbon and even porous pellets for growing nitrifying bacteria. Though budget-friendly, it is strong enough to run for over six weeks. Tumbling is only necessary when GFO is on its own and so could clump and settle to the bottom if not stirred. However, if you have set a certain budget for one you should, perhaps, put emphasis on the features that you personally value the most, ignoring the other bells and whistles. The pump supports the so-needed tumbling of the GFO media granules, without being too weak or too strong. Another plus is that it comes with all of the necessary fittings like hoses, sponge pads, feed pump, etc. That’s the best-case scenario though, so don’t let yourself go with the maintenance. The one thing I do want to point out as a con here is that the sponge pads that are originally included in the package won’t do you much good. Will the media reactor be sufficient on its own, or do you need a separate pump to run it properly? For best results, use AquaMaxx GFO Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO), AquaMaxx Bituminous Carbon or similar aquarium filter media. $5.99 economy shipping on orders under $39, …With reactors that are placed in the rear chambers of an all-in-one aquarium,a leaky cap can easily lead to catastrophe, and Innovative Marine MiniMax Pro Reactors new design completely removes that risk. Ferric Oxide has been proven to effectively remove phosphate from aqueous solutions. I know I have already discussed the All-in-One concept elsewhere, but with this particular product it is on a level of its own. You will first place the GFO in a suitable media reactor. The right material will guarantee the reactor’s durability and reliability. It’s worth noting that pH and salinity can alter their phosphate-absorbent capabilities to a degree. This allows for fine-tuning the tumbling of the Ferric Oxide granules, which will eventually save you money in the long run, because you won’t need to change solidified media too often. Now, the long and the short of this matter is that for the best level of filtration and control of phosphate and other unwanted pollution you’ll need to make an adequate choice of a carbon and/or GFO reactor. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/cpr-nano-tumbler-media-reactor.html I also want to praise the Innovative Marine’s responsive customer service. Now, the aforementioned ‘special eductor’ is simply a flow accelerator that churns the water with turbulence strong enough to keep the GFO tumbling with no time to settle and clump. My experience with this Phosphate remover has been that it definitely does the job. Contact Us. After all, a single-chamber reactor is twice as compact in the sump. TS-Series Sulfur Denitrators. Star S-Series. For example, it may come without a pump, double-chambers or tubes. This is because the water exits down below the waterline in the rear chamber. This is a proven technology for increasing flow rate, often used outside aquariums, so there’s that. For this reason, I really like that the IM Minimax Reactor has chambers that are very easily removed and taken out. Drop me a comment below to tell me what you chose and how it’s been working for you. The Nano reactor is only 2.15″ wide, this little reactor packs a good punch in effectively controlling and removing your Nitrates, Phosphates, slime algae and other nuisance algae. It is affordable (and a wise-expenditure in the long run). An all-in-one GFO reactor that includes all necessary side accessories is more costly compared to just buying the reactor itself. Changing the media is also not that user-friendly. BioMaxx. As its name suggests, this media reactor is easy to attach to your fish tank or sump. On the other hand, buying a reactor with many accessories you do not need would be of no use to you. That is, carbon should be around 80% of the mixture. Nano Gfo Reactor found in: Turbo Media Reactor Side Flow Nano - Lifegard, Auqa Gadget Desktop Minimax Pro Media Reactor, Compact and Powerful Side Flow Media Reactor! 1x Nano Side Flow Turbo Media Reactor 1x Quiet…. I have personal experience with all of the products mentioned below which makes it fairly easy to point you to the right one for your setup. Granular Ferric Oxide or GFO as its more commonly known is a great product for helping to reduce Phosphates. Definitely buy the Reef Octopus Media Filter if you have a larger aquarium that can become dense on excess nutrients such as an overstocked cichlid tank or an LPS-heavy coral reef tank. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. A first-time set up is not that user-friendly. Speaking of size, is there a nano piece of equipment suitable for a small saltwater aquarium? Go for a moderate energy consumer that tumbles the granules gently and preserves power. GFO will remove PO4 from your aquarium water but MUST be used in a reactor to be used properly. The BRS GFO & Carbon Reactors use 1/2" Push Connect fittings. The flow rate is at times challenging to adjust. On the other hand, a flow rate that’s too strong would cause the GFO media to grind itself into a fine dust that cannot be filtered easily. For the best results, you need to tune it down a little because 185 gallons per hour is still high for most GFO media. Because of its convenient Hang-On design it suits nano tanks as well. Also, one Two Little Fishies reactor works well for an aquarium of up to 150 gallons or 568 liters. One thing I like about this media reactor is its flexible, right-angle outlet and inlet fittings. The pump can be no more than 60 GPH in terms of power. If you are able and willing to pay a higher price for an all-in-one reactor, make sure your choice has all the basic side gear. Be the first to know about the sales, specials, new products, the latest BRSTV episodes and win free prizes! Sold Out. Turbo Reactors Nano Side Flow Quiet One 400 (up to 75 Gal) - Lifegard $89.99 All Lifegard Turbo Reactors are engineered to the highest quality and efficiency to promote the growth of Nitrate and Phosphate reducing bacteria and Enzymes. So I have assembled a list of fundamental points you can use as a guideline while zeroing on the right media reactor to buy. My experience has been that the IM Minimax is one of the best choices you can make when you need a carbon and GFO reactor for a nano reef or other small aquarium. Here is how to determine the right pump that consumes energy efficiently: If you are concerned about power consumption, you should go for a media reactor with a low-Watt pump. 1x Nano Side Flow Turbo Media Reactor 1x Quiet One Pro 400 Pump Owners Manual If the reactor comes with a pump, your concern should be how fast it moves the water through the tube. I recommend getting the normal capacity Kolar Labs GFO Bayoxide E33 if you’re on a budget and you want to get the best bang for your buck. Here are the 5 best GFO reactors that will establish a stable reef aquarium: Click here to see the current price + more photos on Amazon. Where […] At the end of the day, you will be wasting power and replacing the media more often than needed. GFO & Carbon Reactor – Dual. This GFO media has been in the market for slightly more than 3 decades and still counting. Click here to see the current price + more photos on Amazon. Take a look at the best GFO media for removing aquarium phosphates: 1. You can use way less quantity for larger aquariums. They are, in fact, too coarse to not let GFO or carbon particles cloud your sump. Please enter your email address below to receive a password reset link. This section applies to you if you are to buy a media reactor with a pump. 1/2" Push Connect fittings and ports throughout reduce head pressure and provide ample flow rates. The Nano reactor is only 2.15″ wide, this little reactor packs a good punch in effectively controlling and removing your Nitrates, Phosphates, slime algae and other nuisance algae. I point this out because every aquarium is unique (in terms of water parameters, bio-load, size, etc.). OCTO BR-MF-110 Biopellet Reactor. The Sicce Syncra 0.5 Aquarium Pump, 185 GPH, is so quiet you could think it is off or out of order just when it’s at the top of its game. Generally, having a GFO reactor will significantly reduce aquarium algae after 1 to 4 weeks after the installation, depending on the severity of the outbreak. All Rights Reserved. A first-class acrylic can last long and an adequate tubing will ensure there are no leakages. $159.95 $189.95. The efficient upward flow concept guarantees lower energy consumption (2.5 watts is all it needs). $25.90. That being said, you can actually mix both. High quality easy to use push- connect swivel fittings. Although Accel Aquatics Biopellet Reactor was designed with bio-pellets in mind, you can use it to fluidize GFO media for removing phosphate as well. The downside to using GFO is that it … It contains all the features a media reactor needs, starting with the pump. The best GFO reactor for your setup should be sturdy, spacious enough to house the media and easy to disassemble for when it’s time to change its contents. Judging by the sheer amount of positive feedback online, this small reactor has been a trusty aid in filtering out organic and inorganic nutrients from the water for hundreds if not thousands of aquarists. In my experience, the material the media reactor is made of matters the most along with its build quality. These special reactors are crucial in maintaining a working nanofoundry; which is essentially a foundry that manufactures products on a nanotechnological scale. Anyway, I should point out that Accel Aquatics Biopellet And Filter Media Reactor – Fr-30 is easy to set up and manage. Watch; Aquarium Media Reactor Water Filter Reef Max GFO … If you are going to purchase (or already have) a media reactor without a pump, you obviously need a one to force the water through the media. Specifications: Reactor Footprint: 5.5" x 5.5" Chamber Diameter: 3.94" Reactor Height: 11.5" Chamber Capacity: 0.43 gallons (1.6L) ~6.7 Cups; Using GFO: up to 250 gallons Using Activated Carbon: up to 150 gallons High quality easy to use double O-Ring push- connect fittings. One con to mention is that you will need to use finer pads or sponges for blocking it because the D-D Rowahos Phosphate Remover has a rather small grain size. If the pump is an energy guzzler yet the pumping is too much for the media, it is pointless having it. Specially designed 100% Cell-cast Acrylic Nano Media reactor works with Bio-pellets, GFO and Carbon. So far, I have mainly discussed the media reactors, but for optimal performance, you’d need to use the right kind of filter media. D-D Rowahos Phosphate Remover for Aquarium If it stops and goes unnoticed the GFO media’s mechanical properties cause it to clump into one solid piece, which significantly reduces its filtering capabilities. Get in Touch. I think it’s true to some extent but probably not when it comes to media reactors. Not all media reactors are.. High-capacity GFO media – 1 tablespoon per 8 US gallons or 30 liters of water. Just twist to lock or unlock the canister from the docking base, keeping the pump and cord stationary in your system at all times. It does not work well for carbon. A GFO and carbon reactor fluidizes media to remove waste. BLUE LIFE CLEAR FX. Here is how to mix GFO and carbon media in the same reactor’s chamber: Mix the activated carbon in a ratio of 4 times carbon to 1 time GFO. Here are the accessories an all-in-one media reactor kit should contain: If you want the best value for your money, my advice would be to aim for a sturdy build above all. SM-DROP1.2. Aquaforest Phosphate Minus. Using it like this is not very popular, but I’ve found it to work seamlessly as long as it’s executed in the right way. You should get filter floss to make it work for slow flow rate media. How about for when money is limited – is there a cheap alternative for a reef tank on a budget? It is a well-known fact that algae are heavily dependant on phosphorus. The flow rate in the media reactor should also be gentle enough to ensure the granules are lightly tumbling. If used the right way, this PhosBan reactor will absolutely bring phosphate in the aquarium to the acceptable levels. Auqa Gadget Desktop Minimax Pro Media Reactor, Turbo Media Reactor Side Flow Nano - Lifegard. See, doing regular maintenance is not where I shine because I find it somewhat annoying. It’s fairly priced for the GPH it provides and most importantly – it has the adjustable flow rate feature. This unit also has one of the least time-consuming processes for changing filter media. Here is the good news for those who dislike complications: Reef Octopus Beginner Media Filter 4 Inch Chamber is easy to set up. A friend of mine also bought this a couple of months ago, and she says that so far the unit works like a champ. By using the same setup as above but filling the canister only half full will allow the GFO to ‘Bubble’ once you have the flow rate set correctly. If you have an account, sign in with your email address. The best products out there come with everything that’s needed for their operation. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. You should consider a very low-GPH pump in order not to grind the carbon to dust. High Capacity GFO is usually twice as dense as Granular or Pelletized GFO and more material will fit into a reactor is harder and has less dust. Acceptable levels here means below the limits that the detecting instruments can give a red light on. S-NANO. The internal chamber automatically drains water out once it slides out of the outer chamber. Consider available space there, before going for a large-size GFO unit. Unless you considerably lower the flow, it ends up tumbling into tiny bits. Since buying a media reactor is not the only piece of equipment for a full-set of pollutant removal in the aquarium I’ll give you a quick recommendation on pumps as well. Along with its 4-inch chamber is a pump that works at 95 GPH (gallons per hour) which is quite enough to move large quantities of water a couple of times per day through the tube. At the end of the day, you get back value for the money you spend on a media reactor, be it cheap or expensive. This will save you some money on electricity consumption in the long run, while also lowering the initial costs. By having the GFO media in a reactor, instead of just tossing it in a bag somewhere in the sump, you are making sure that 100% of the aquarium’s water comes in contact with the filter media at least a few times a day. Flush the lines completely by turning on the feed pump and allowing the water to run until it is clear. It’s an easy way to hide the extra equipment. The inlet is flexible enough to twist to the setting suitable for your fish tank. Here is what to look for in a GFO reactor: Here is what to consider when deciding the right size for your Granular Ferric Oxide reactor: Usually, aquarium owners keep the media reactors in the sump. For effective usage and long-lasting carbon or GFO media, I recommend a flow rate of not more than 150 GPH and a limit of 300 GPH for BioPellets. This has absolutely nothing to do with the quality. The Turbo Reactor has a unique high flow spinning action to provide the highest water quality in a short time. With its dual chambers, you can use this reactor for carbon media and organic absorption, GFO for phosphate filtration or BioPellets for nitrate control. If there’s tumbling present the GFO media will grind the softer carbon to dust. Lifegard Aquatics Turbo Reactors Nano Side Flow. Position the reactor into your tank. The process for using GFO in a media reactor is much different. 12 Best LED Aquarium Lighting Units According to Gallon Size. Using high-capacity GFO media has one major advantage over regular ferric oxide granules: Less quantity means easier control over the “tumbling” and the media not solidifying for longer periods of time. I’m including this because of its value for-the-money ratio. Here is why buying a cheap media reactor does not mean lower quality: If a media reactor is cheap that simply means it does not come with all the side equipment or that it’s a smaller size. Lifegard Aquatics Turbo Reactors Nano Top Flow. LG-R800126. Its robust build and large media capacity are ideal for 75 to 150-gallon aquariums. In the review section, I made sure to mostly list kits, but my main goal was to put emphasis on the overall quality of the build. It also has little to no dust, so not much rinsing is needed. It’s best for high-end aquariums with heavy bio-load. The Reef Octopus Media Filter is made from durable parts making it clever long-term choice for an aquarium that tends to experience heavy nutrient pollution. To control the flow, I’d advise that you set it up with the Ball Valve that’s being sold separately. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Install in sump or hang on the tank, this versatile reactor can be used for phosphate resins, phosphate sponges, activated carbon, nitrate sponges, and other resin filter media. The pump itself is placed on the bottom of the reactor. This rather new concept, in a nutshell, reduces the need for typical accessories like ball valves, flexible pipes, PVC pipes, thumb screws and other usual suspects that should (traditionally) come with your media reactor. It’s easy to clean or maintain; no tools required. At the end of the day, you want value for your money. FR-M. FR-S. Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter. You may get strong grinding at the bottom and no movement at all on top of the media. The design makes it easy for you to control the flow rate by simply turning a knob. Allow the return line for the reactor to sit in a bucket or your sink. The water movement seems evenly distributed through the media which prevents channeling. Check the output versus the energy consumption or capacity of the pump in Watts. Granualar GFO requires the least amount of flow to move and is good for reactors. JNS Reactor FR-1E. https://aquanswers.com/best-gfo-reactor-carbon-media-reef-tank I really can’t help but appreciate the fact that this is an all-in-one kit. Learn how your comment data is processed. The flow rate is also modest enough not to cause grinding of GFO media, while supporting a gentle tumble. GFO granules have a high surface area–which is a pre-requisite for any filtration or reactor media. Last but not least, this media reactor is easy to disassemble which makes changing the filtering medium a breeze. Brand New. Transparent media cartridge allows for clear viewing of reactor media; Heavy duty plastic construction. It can hold a up to 250ML of bio-pellets giving you an aquarium capacity of 10 – 75 Gallons (depending on your bio-load). The Innovative Marine Minimax Pro Series Media Reactor is indeed an innovative product that ensures your aquarium maintains a pristine water free of excessive nutrients. These are Mur-lok dual EPDM O-ring fittings. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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